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Metin2 is a free MMO of Gameforge, in which hundreds of thousands of game players around the world. We have a choice of four characters like Ninja, Sura, Warrior, Shaman. The player’s task in this game is to perform various missions and improve your character. Extremely useful This is Dragon Coins and Yang, for which you can buy a much better equipment, the which we will become stronger. That is why at the request of the players created Metin2 Hack The Dragon Coins and Yang, thanks to which we can add a large amount of the Dragon Monet and Yang on your account, and for them to buy items and potions, so that we still more powerful and no missions will not be a problem for us. Metin2 Hack The Dragon Coins and Yang is 100% safe and additionally has two built-in functions, Proxy ‘and , Anti-ban ‘, which minimize the risk ban virtually zero. Despite this, we recommend post a 3000 Dragon Monet what is the optimal amount. This should be done because of the vigilant Administration of the game.

metin2 cheats
1. On beginning to download the Hack Metin 2
(note antivirus can show a false alarm, you must add the file to the exceptions)

2. After downloading the file, unpack it from the archive.

3.Open game Metin2 and log in to your character.

4. When our file has already been extracted run it.

5. In the Yang Yangs enter the amount you want.

6. Press DONE

7. After a while, the message pops us Yangs Added to your account

8. We go to our account

9. We look forward to operating yangami added by our program.

 What else in the case of Yang – here we can go crazy and add some kkk without having to worry about any problems. With so many Dragon Coins and Yang every day a few minutes we will create a powerful account that no one will have a chance. Metin2 Hack On Dragon Coins and Yang is constantly automatically updated, so you do not have to worry that we lose access to its functions. We will be able to use them on a daily basis seamlessly and add a Dragon Coins and Yang! Metin2 Hack and The Dragon Coins Yang works on any platform. This is the best Hack Metin2 to the network, which will add to your account Dragon Coins and Yang in a few moments seamlessly. Below are a brief introduction to using and several screenshots from the program. We encourage you to Download hack and share it with your friends!